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If you died today do you know if you would be in heaven? Let us show you how you can be sure.
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Woolwich-Wiscasset Baptist Church is an independent Baptist church, located on Rt 1 in Woolwich, Maine.  We, at WWBC, desire to see all people in our community come to a living knowledge of Jesus Christ. To facilitate this, we pray that God will find us faithful stewards of the resources that He has given, and that He will make WWBC a place of growth and a place of service, where we can encourage people to yield to the Holy Spirit of God for their salvation and development of their faith.
Woolwich-Wiscasset Baptist Church
15 Fellowship Dr, Woolwich, ME 04579

9:30 Family Prayer and Fellowship
Join us in the Fellowship Hall for singing, sharing testimonies, and small group prayer time followed by a time of fellowship.
Regular Morning Schedule 
Woolwich-Wiscasset Baptist Church - 15 Fellowship Dr, Woolwich Me  04579
10:45 Worship Service 
We continue our morning with a blend between a traditional and contemporary service with an expository message.  
Wednesday's @6:00
Transformed By Adoption

Our Heavenly Father has adopted us into His family and our adoption is the foundation for our transformation. Spiritual transformation is a gradual process of change as we learn the ways of our Father. Christians want to live a victorious life immediately. Talk of being radical or revolutionary Christians excites us but these descriptions imply that other Christians are lesser members of the family of God. Many consider the normal Christian life inferior to the higher Christian life. What is a normal Christian life? The Apostle Paul describes a normal Christian life in Romans 6-8. A normal Christian pursues holiness while wrestling with sin throughout life. The habits of sin must be replaced with the habits of holiness by the power of the Spirit. We grow to be like Christ as we walk in step with the Spirit. We are children of God by adoption so we must learn the ways of God by practice. When we fail we run into the arms of our Father and find our security in His love.

Mid Week Fellowship Dinner 
Join us in the Fellowship Hall for dinner before Kidventure and our Adult Bible studies on Wednesday nights.  Dinner is at 5:30pm and all Wednesday minisrties start at 6pm.
Wednesday's @6:00
Join us in the Fellowship Hall for our Kidventure Program.  Kidventure is for kids age 3-6th grade.  We use a combination of Awana and  Good New Club material to teach our kids Bible basics to help them as they grow.  We have three different age groups; preschool, K-3rd grade, and 4-6th grade.

Any questions about our Bible studies, or Kidventure program please email Pastor Greg @ hodgdons5@gmail.com.  
You can also call or text him at 207-837-4734